The ICT5010024-5AIR 50-100V - 24 Volt / 5 Amp Isolated Converter

ICT's rackmount DC-DC converter incorporates the industry standard 19" rackmount package and is also available as a stand alone unit. It is designed to operate from a negative or positive ground electrical system, providing complete isolation between primary and secondary circuits. Both extra input filtering and spike detection are standard and essential for all applications including: site equipment, heavy-duty industrial equipment and off-road equipment.

This converter is ideally suited for railroad locomotive applications that require 72VDC input to 12VDC output for their in-cab radios.

WiPath's Mobile Data Terminals

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Laird - Phantom True Field Diversity Antennas
Do not be fooled by imitators that have no gain or no field diversity - Laird's Phantom true field diversity design ensures uninterrupted video and data transmissions in urban canyons and rural drop off areas U.S. Patent nos. 45,977,931 and 6,292,156 
3 dB-MEG gain outperforms a 3 dB whip in many applications.
Available in a wide range of frequencies, for mobile and fixed applications with NMO or permanent N female mount.
New - The PHANTOM® VG Offers Improved VHF+ GPS Performance Providing Higher Communication Data Rates And Better Coverage Area

Radiating Cable- Radio Transmission in Confined Areas

Eupen Radiating cables are used wherever normal radio communication is difficult or impossible, in particular in communication systems where a discrete antenna would not provide adequate coverage, such as in tunnels, underground railways, mines, buildings, etc. RF energy is simultaneously transmitted down radiating cables and radiated from all points along them into the surrounding space. Slots cut into the outer conductor of the coaxial cable allow controlled levels of electromagnetic energy to be radiated both out of and into the cable. A radiating cable functions both as a transmission line and as an antenna.

Mobile Digital Video Recorders and Cameras

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